Commissioning –

Why commission a piece of bespoke furniture or joinery?


Buyers of finer quality look for something better than the factory made product. It may be the need for a piece of furniture to fit a particular situation, the love of wood, the admiration of fine craftsmanship or environmental and ethical reasons.

Some will commission a piece of handmade furniture so that it exactly fulfils a certain requirement. If follows that this piece of furniture should be aesthetically pleasing, displays excellent craftsman ship and materials, and ultimately enhances the room in which it is placed. Perhaps your reason for wanting to commission a piece of furniture is to have something very special, a unique object that reflects your individuality and taste. Or because you want

something beautiful, because you love wood and value fine craftsmanship.

Others want the furniture they buy to be something that will last a lifetime, not something built cheaply to be soon discarded, something that can be passed onto their descendents.

Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture or joinery can be a very satisfying experience, one where you can work with Wayne to create a beautiful object, perfectly suited to its intended purpose and giving a lifetime of pleasure.

The Process –

Having Wayne to make your joinery, stair or furniture can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

Your involvement can depend on a number of factors – time and effort will be needed if you wish to select the timber, contribute towards the design and see the work at different stages.

Or perhaps you like Wayne’s previous work and can leave him to get on with the job after planting a few basic ideas. The first step is to contact Wayne to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, and so that Wayne can see where the intended joinery or furniture is to go. This is useful in gathering the information needed about the piece – its purpose, size, surroundings and your tastes.

After detailed discussions to understand what

you need, drawings are required. It starts with a preliminary sketch to express your ideas, something that Wayne can develop, with your input, into definite plans. Wayne is happy to work with you to create a piece of furniture or joinery of your design. If you’re impressed with Wayne’s previous work, you can ask him to make the piece and leave him to create something.

Samples of timber can be provided – consideration will be given to its colour and figure, stability, cost and source.

It is at this stage that a commitment is required. Wayne will provide a written contract, providing an estimate or firm quotation. A deposit will be required before work commences, followed by staged or final payment on delivery.